Welcome to a monitoring inventory of the legal Delta and Suisun Marsh

This portal provides a window to search and explore an inventory of the physical, chemical, biological, and socio-economic monitoring activities that are currently active across the region. The inventory provides information about many different characteristics (or metadata) for these monitoring activities, such as the parameters being monitored, cost of data collection, locations and years of sampling, data management, and data quality. This portal does not provide direct access to the raw data resulting from these monitoring activities. As well, it does not include historic (inactive) monitoring activities or targeted research studies that involved a short duration of monitoring.

Explore the inventory using the drop-down windows below to analyze data in the inventory with user defined search parameters. Alternatively, you can search the inventory directly on the inventory page.

What is the accessibility of monitoring to address purposes and needs for data?
Are there potential gaps / redundancies in serving the relevant needs of decision makers?
What is the level of involvement in data collection across different organizations?