The monitoring inventory and the monitoring enterprise review

In 2019 and 2020, the Delta Independent Science Board (Delta ISB) undertook a broad review of the “monitoring enterprise” for the Sacramento–San Joaquin Delta (the legal Delta) and Suisun Marsh. The purpose of this review was to develop recommendations that could improve how current and future monitoring programs meet decision-making needs of management agencies, how monitoring programs can be better coordinated, and how monitoring data can support adaptive management.

An important component of this review involved developing an inventory of the physical, chemical, biological, and socio-economic monitoring activities that are currently active across the region – collectively termed the “monitoring enterprise”. Developing the inventory involved gathering information about many different characteristics (or metadata) for these monitoring activities, such as the parameters being monitored, cost of data collection, locations and years of sampling, data management, and data quality.

This portal provides a window to search and explore metadata for the monitoring activities stored in the inventory. It does not provide direct access to the raw data resulting from these monitoring activities.

Contact XXX at the Delta Stewardship Council for more information about the review of the monitoring enterprise or this inventory.

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