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Mineral Resources Program

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Mineral Resources Program provides data about California's varied non-fuel mineral resources (such as metals and industrial minerals), naturally occurring mineral hazards (such as asbestos, radon, and mercury), and information about active and historic mining activities throughout the state. Program reports and maps are shared with governmental agencies, universities, repository libraries and are available for purchase from CGS. Older reports are available in paper; some newer reports are available in paper and digital formats compatible with commonly used Geographic Information System (GIS) software. The program is divided into two projects: the Mineral Resources Project and the Mineral Hazards Project; The "Mineral Hazards Project" provides maps, technical information and advice, and monitors activities about minerals-related environmental and public health issues such as naturally occurring heavy metals, asbestos, mercury and radon; The "Mineral Resources Project" provides objective geologic expertise and information about California's diverse non-fuel mineral resources. Non-fuel mineral resources fall into three categories: metals, industrial minerals and construction aggregate.

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Type Title Description Impact
Link Fred Gius gram Manager (for CSC's Mineral Resources Program) 14 views
Report CGS Publications Database ository for reports published by the California De 7 views
Report California’s Non-Fuel Mineral Production Reports annual summaries provide information on non-fuel 9 views
Link Design of Geologic Maps California Geological Survey (CGS) has the respon 5 views

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