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Zooplankton Study

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The Zooplankton Study has estimated the abundance of zooplankton taxa since 1972 as a means of assessing trends in fish food resources from eastern San Pablo Bay through the eastern Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta and Suisun Marsh. The study also detects and monitors zooplankton recently introduced to the estuary and determines their effects on native species. Under the auspices of the Interagency Ecological Program for the San Francisco Estuary and mandated by Water Right Decision D-1641, the Zooplankton Study is part of the Environmental Monitoring Program and is conducted by the California Department of Fish and Game (CDFG), California Department of Water Resources (CDWR), and the United States Bureau of Reclamation. The Zooplankton Study currently samples 19 stations monthly, including 17 fixed stations and 2 floating entrapment zone stations located at bottom electrical conductivity (EC) of 2 and 6 mS/cm. Three additional stations are sampled in Carquinez Strait and San Pablo Bay during high outflow when surface EC is less than 20mS/cm.

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Link Zooplankton Study Data Management Plan 2019 Data Management Plan for the Zooplankton Stu 11 views
Link Zooplankton Study Station Map for Zooplankton Study current station map 10 views
Link Zooplankton Study website for the Zooplankton Study 13 views
Link Zooplankton Study Metadata kground and metadata for the Zooplankton Study 10 views
Link April Hennessy gram Manager California Department of Fish and Wil 11 views

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