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Middle Sacramento River Salmon and Steelhead Rotary Screw Trap Monitoring

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CDFG uses Rotary Screw Traps (RST) sampling to quantify emigrating juvenile salmonids by counting the number of fish captured within a known volume of water passing through the RSTs over time. Regular trapping is implemented and reported from Tisdale Weir and Knights Landing. These are the primary sources of data for salmon emigrating from the Sacramento River. There are approximately 30 other RSTs that operate in California, but these two are the prominent and consistent Sacramento River traps.

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Link Morgan Kilgour, Manager Rotary Screw Traps Region II, CDFW gan Kilgour, Manager Rotary Screw Traps Region II, 12 views
Link Calfish Rotary Screwtrap results orts from the RST program are availalbe on the Cal 14 views
Report Catalogue of Rotary Screw Traps that have operated in the Central Valley since 1992 ompilation of RSTs in the Central Valley as of 201 7 views

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