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Sacramento River Water Quality Monitoring

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The Woodland-Davis Clean Water Agency (WDCWA)—a cooperative partnership between the City of Davis and the City of Woodland—was formed to implement the Davis-Woodland Water Supply Project (DWWSP) and construct a new surface water treatment plant to treat water from the Sacramento River which, once complete, will largely replace the Cities’ current groundwater supply. In October 2013, CH2M-Hill was selected as the Design-Build-Operate (DBO) Company for this project. In anticipation of this new surface water treatment facility, the WDCWA began an extensive source water monitoring program in August 2009. The purpose of this monitoring program was to characterize the quality of Sacramento River water at the DWWSP intake, to assist in the selection of an effective treatment process train, and to provide the required raw water data necessary for obtaining a Domestic Water Supply Permit from the State Water Resources Control Board’s Drinking Water Program (DWP; formerly under the California Department of Public Health (CDPH)). After fulfilling the initial one-year monitoring program agreed to by CDPH, a scaled down sampling program was initiated to better understand seasonal trends in water quality, and to fill the time gap between the initial 2009-2010 monitoring efforts and startup of the new Regional Water Treatment Facility (RWTF).

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Link Woodland-Davis Clean Water Agency Reports s site provides users access to past reports publi 10 views
Report Sacramento River Water Quality Monitoring Project Update 2014 s report provides an overview of the monitoring un 11 views

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