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San Francisco Estuary Invasive Spartina Project

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"The Invasive Spartina Project is a coordinated regional effort among local, state and federal organizations dedicated to preserving California's extraordinary coastal biological resources through the elimination of introduced species of Spartina(cordgrass). Introduced cordgrasses are highly aggressive invaders that significantly alter both the physical structure and biological composition of our tidal marshes, mudflats, and creeks. The project also monitors Ridgway Rails (formerly Clapper Rail) and water quality. Funding for the Invasive Spartina Project comes from the CALFED Bay-Delta Program, United States Fish and Wildlife Service Coastal Program, National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, and the California State Coastal Conservancy.

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Link San Francisco Estuary Invasive Spartina Project Spartina Monitoring Program Approach Invasive Spartina Project (ISP) was established i 8 views
Report San Francisco Estuary Invasive Spartina Project Monitoring Program Quality Assurance Document s document presents the management structure and p 9 views
Link Marilyn Latta ject Manager State Coastal Conservancy mlatta@scc. 10 views

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