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Quality Assurance & Quality Control (QA/QC) Program

Description / purpose

The QA/QC Program implements our QA/QC Policy through Water Resources Engineering Memo (WREM) 60 (PDF). WREM 60 establishes our policies and procedures to assure that quality assurance is used in our chemical and physical measurements, data collection, and data measurement and management activities. Our QA/QC Program ensures that all water-related data is collected in a way that is scientifically sound, legally defensible, comparable and compatible with State and federal agencies, and is properly documented. All of our divisions, districts, contractors, and agency cooperators performing measurement activities are subject to the provisions of WREM 60. QA/QC protocols include: Standard operating procedures Quality assurance templates Quality control standards Quality assurance assessments Department-wide quality assurance guidance documents

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Products & output

Type Title Description Impact
Link Bryte Chemical Laboratory Quality Assurance Manual (2012) ual which outlines the QA/QC procedures taken by D 5 views
Data DWR Water Data Library ifornia DWR's WDL houses all of DWR's data, allows 6 views
Report Water Resource Engineering Memorandum No. 60 (WREM60) memo from 1992, which describes the department po 9 views
Report Quality Assurance & Quality Control for DWR Data rview poster of the QA/QC program 6 views
Link Bryte Lab - QA/QC Data Contacts tacts at DWR's Bryte Lab (including Bruce Agee and 11 views
Link Shaun Philippart Environmental Program M 8 views

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