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Surface Water Protection Program

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CA Department of Pesticide Regulation is the lead agency for regulating the registration, sales and use of pesticides in California. It is required by law to protect the environment, including surface waters, from environmentally harmful pesticides by prohibiting, regulating, or controlling the uses of such pesticides. The Surface Water Protection Program addresses both agricultural and nonagricultural sources of pesticide residues in surface waters. It has preventive and response components that reduce the presence of pesticides in surface waters. The preventive component includes local outreach to promote management practices that reduce pesticide runoff. Prevention also relies on DPR's registration process in which potential adverse effects to surface water quality, particularly those in high-risk situations are evaluated. The response component includes mitigation options to meet water quality goals, recognizing the value of self-regulating efforts to reduce pesticides in surface water as well as regulatory authorities of DPR, the State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) and the Regional Water Quality Control Boards (RWQCB).

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Link Surface Water Program Database (SURF) Metadata links to metadata for the samples in SURF that ha 15 views
Link Surface Water Protection Program protocols where multiple protocol documents can be located 13 views
Link Surface Water Protection Program Field Sampling Methods Standard Operating Procedures for the field sampling methodology. 8 views
Link Surface Water Protection Program Laboratory Method and Data Analysis (METH and DATA) SOPs for the documentation for Laboratory Method and 8 views
Link Surface Water Protection Program Analytical Methods for documentation of the Analytical Methods used 11 views
Link Surface Water Protection Program QA/QC Standard Operating Procedures for the Quality Assurance/Quality Control documen 13 views
Link CA Department of Pesticide Regulation Surface Water Protection Program Website site for CDPR Surface Water Protection Program 12 views
Link Nan Singhasemanon ted contact for the CDPR Surface Water Protection 5 views

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