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Sturgeon Study

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Staff of the Sturgeon Study make estimates of sturgeon abundance, relative abundance, harvest rate, and survival rate by using data from Commercial Passenger Fishing Vessels (Party Boats; CPFV), various creel surveys, and a mark-recapture program. We monitor the relative abundance of sturgeon by calculating catch per unit effort (CPUE) from data submitted by Commercial Passenger Fishing Vessels. The Department's Marine Region compiles the data, we request the data at intervals, and we calculate CPUE. By applying tags to sturgeon and monitoring the subsequent ratio of tagged fish to untagged fish, we calculate sturgeon abundance, relative abundance, harvest rate, and survival rate. During August-October we use nets in San Pablo Bay and/or Suisun Bay to collect sturgeon, then we tag and release them on-site. Each tag includes our mailing address and a unique code, and some tags include a reward value. By posting "Tagged-fish Wanted" posters around the Estuary and making presentations, we encourage anglers to return tags to us. We also recover tags by talking with anglers during various creel surveys.

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Link Sturgeon Study website for the IEP Sturgeon Study 8 views
Link Marty Gingas -IEP Program Manager California Department of Fish 6 views
Report Improved Methods for Indexing San Francisco Estuary Sturgeon Recruitment with Long-Term Survey data ther refinement of indexing methods for sturgeon i 6 views
Report Adult Sturgeon Population Estimates Data Management Plan ef management plan for the Sturgeon Study 5 views
Link Jason DuBois ncipal Investigator for The Sturgeon and Striped B 12 views

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