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Central Valley Project - Reservoir Monitoring

Description / purpose

The Central Valley Project (USBR) is responsible for maintaining and monitoring water levels in several key reservoirs in California. The reservoirs of focus (largest capacity) within the CVP are Folsom, Whiskeytown, Shasta, Trinity, San Luis, and Millerton. San Luis is jointly monitored by USBR and DWR. Reservoir storage, elevation, inflow, and outflow are monitored daily, with some parameters at certain reservoirs being monitored hourly or monthly, and reported to the California Data Exchange Center (CDEC) for public access.

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Products & output

Type Title Description Impact
Data Central Valley Operations Data Links ks users to many different reports relevant for th 12 views
Data CDEC Daily Reservoir Storage for California vides daily reservoir information for selected res 5 views
Data Daily Reservoir Operations Reports R provides daily reservoir reports for all of its 10 views
Report Project Financial Statement - Central Valley Project California-Consolidated Mid Pacific Region ancial statements report for the Central Valley Pr 11 views
Link Kathy Osborn hy Osborn is listed as the person to contact for a 9 views
Data Lake Shasta Water Level site provides daily and annual reservoir levels. 13 views
Data Map of key California reservoirs/capacities ws the reservoir locations, which agency is respon 14 views
Data Folsom Lake Water Level vides daily and annual graphs of lake water levels 15 views

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