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California Partners In Flight (CalPIF)

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The CalPIF mission is to promote the conservation of resident and migratory landbirds and their habitats in California through research, monitoring, education, and collaboration among public and private landowners and managers, government agencies, non-government organizations, and individuals and other bird conservation efforts. The California chapter of Partners in Flight (CalPIF) was established in 1992. The California Partners in Flight program has completed eight habitat and bioregion based Bird Conservation Plans (BCP's) for Riparian, Oak Woodlands, Coastal Scrub and Chaparral, Grasslands, Coniferous Forests, Sagebrush, Desert, and the Sierra Nevada Bioregion. These BCPs are for every land manager and researcher interested in improving habitat for landbirds. These plans are dynamic documents that will follow a continous process of developing and updating conservation recommendations for California's habitats based on the latest scientific monitoring and research data.

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Link California Partners in Flight (CalPIF) website for the California Partners in Flight website 12 views
Link Ryan DiGaudio ifornia Partners in Flight (CalPIF) CalPIF Coordin 9 views
Link Protocol for Censusing Yellow-billed Magpies (Pica nuttalli) at Communal Roosts better document and understand magpie population t 7 views
Link Protocol for Monitoring Yellow-billed Magpie (Pica nuttalli) Nests better document and understand magpie population t 15 views

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