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Central Valley Chinook Adult Escapement Monitoring Project

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The Central Valley Chinook Salmon In-river Escapement Monitoring Plan is a science-based collaborative approach to improve monitoring of adult Chinook salmon returning from the ocean to spawn in CV streams (escapement) and harvested in freshwater. Accurate estimates of escapement are critical to sound management of ocean and inland harvest and monitoring the recovery of listed stocks. A result of requests from fisheries resource managers, the development of this plan was funded in 2007 by the CALFED Ecosystem Restoration Program. The comprehensive monitoring plan includes a spatially and temporally balanced sampling protocol that when implemented will allow for statistically defensible estimates of population status. The plan incorporates an adaptive management strategy, and recommends a standardized database structure, as well as standardized reporting techniques.

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Link Central Valley Chinook Salmon In-River Escapement Monitoring Plan Central Valley Chinook Salmon In-river Escapement 13 views
Link Daniel Kratville tral Valley Chinook Salmon Coordinator California 6 views
Link Central Valley Chinook Adult Escapement Monitoring Plan website for the Central Valley Chinook Adult Escapement M 7 views

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