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Freshwater CyanoHABs Program (Blue-Green Algae Harmful Algal Blooms)

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Observations of harmful algal blooms (HABs) and algal toxins have increased globally in recent years. HABs are problematic because they can affect multiple beneficial uses including recreation, aquatic life, and drinking water by reducing aesthetics, lowering dissolved oxygen concentration, causing taste and odor problems, and producing potent toxins. Water Board staff are working with state and local entities to identify and respond to HAB incidents throughout California. The Water Board first began to formally address this issue in 2005 when it formed the Blue Green Algae Work Group, later renamed the California Cyanobacteria Harmful Algal Bloom Network (CCHAB). An initial product of this group was the Voluntary Guidance Document (original release 2010, updated 2016). Subsequently, SWAMP prepared California Freshwater HAB Assessment and Support Strategy to articulate a coordinated program to assess, communicate and manage HABs in California.

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Products & output

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Link Surface Water Ambient Monitoring Program Quality Assurance Program Plan s quality assurance program plan (QAPrP) serves as 14 views
Link California Freshwater Harmful Algal Blooms Assessment and Support Strategy goal of the California Freshwater HAB Assessment 7 views
Link SWAMP - Quality Control and Sample Handling Guidelines SWAMP Quality Control and Sample Handling Tables 12 views
Link Standard Operating Procedures - Water Sample Collection for Toxin Analysis s document, prepared by the Surface Water Ambient 8 views
Link Marisa VanDyke te Water Resources Control Board, Lead Harmful Alg 15 views
Link Keith Bourma-Gregson te Water Resources Control Board, Lead Harmful Alg 7 views
Link California Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs) Portal CA HABs Portal is the central resource for HABs i 10 views
Link Satellite Imaging to Detect Cyanobacterial Blooms website SWAMP program (Surface Water Ambient Monitoring P 8 views

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