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Central Valley Enhanced Acoustic Tagging Project

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There is a well documented need for improved detection and associated modeling of salmon migration and survival in the Central Valley. We propose to address this need through an expanded acoustic receiver network and associated real-time and retrospective modeling of the data. The proposed work includes (1) the deployment of real-time receivers that will provide timely information on migrating salmon smolt location and timing, (2) expansion of the existing autonomous acoustic array to increase the coverage and detection efficiency; (3) development of new metrics for the real-time data for key management relevant questions such as entrainment estimates at critical junctions (Georgiana Slough and Delta Cross Channel); and (4) a retrospective analyses directly geared toward improving the quality and robustness of an existing forecasting model - the NMFS enhanced particle tracking model.

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Products & output

Type Title Description Impact
Link CalFish Track Website CalFish Track website provides helpful overview i 15 views
Report Delta Operations for Salmonids and Sturgeon (DOSS) Technical Working Group - Annual Report WY2018 ef description of Central Valley Enhanced Acoustic 9 views
Link Arnold Ammann emetry tag code coordinator for the Central Valley 6 views

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