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Physical Oceanographic Real-Time System (PORTS)

Description / purpose

PORTSA® is an integrated system of sensors concentrated in seaports that provide commercial vessel operators with accurate and reliable real-time information about environmental conditions. PORTA® measures and disseminates observations, predictions and nowcast/forecasts for water levels, currents, bridge air gap, salinity and meteorological parameters (e.g., winds, waves, atmospheric pressure, visibility, air and water temperatures). This data improves navigation safety by reducing groundings and collisions by up to 60% for commercial and recreational vessels and preventing oil spills. It can also increase shipping efficiency by reducing transit delays and allowing mariners to optimize their cargo load. Mariners need these data, tools, and services to make critical navigation decisions, especially as significantly larger vessels transit through U.S. ports because of the Panama Canal expansion.

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Type Title Description Impact
Data PORTS Interactive Map vides data from the PORTS network of sensors in th 14 views
Link Darren Wright ren Wright PORTS© Program Manager Center for Oper 5 views
Report PORTS Uniform Flat File Format (PUFFF) ument describes the Uniform Flat File Format used 12 views
Report NOAA's Physical Oceanographic Real-Time System (PORTS) ort on the PORTS system 8 views

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