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Suisun Marsh Fish Study

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The University of California, Davis has been involved in fish and wildlife monitoring and research within Suisun Marsh for 35 years and has been instrumental in detecting important trends associated with naturally fluctuating environmental conditions as well as anthropogenic influences. Research has included a 35+ year time series on the fish and invertebrate communities of the slough networks, research on waterfowl nesting patterns and population biology, and research on the demography of salt marsh harvest mouse. The Suisun Marsh Fish Study anchors this effort as it is the longest established survey in Suisun marsh. It will continue the research of Professor Peter Moyle under the direction of John Durand, and will focus upon the detection of changes in the aquatic ecosystem in response to developing stressors in the San Francisco Estuary (SFE). This time series is designed to further our understanding of the ecology and function of the fish community residing within Suisun Marsh and the San Francisco Estuary (SFE), and acts as one of the key surveys with Interagency Ecological Program's monitoring effort.

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Link Suisun Marsh Fish Study website for Suisun Marsh Fish Study 7 views
Report Trends in Fish and Invertebrate Populations of Suisun Marsh January 2016 -December 2016 6 annual report for the Suisun Marsh Fish Study 9 views
Link Peter Moyle ter for Watershed Sciences, UC Davis Email: pbmoyl 7 views

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