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Breeding Waterfowl Surveys

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The California breeding population survey is modeled after the continental breeding survey. Though most of the wintering waterfowl in California breed outside of the state, California still has a significant number that both breed and winter here. CDFW and California Waterfowl Association (CWA) biologists conduct the California survey. Surveyed areas include wetland and agricultural areas in northeastern California, throughout the Central Valley, the Suisun Marsh, and some coastal valleys. CDFW biologists and warden-pilots use a fixed-wing aircraft to fly all of the transects while CWA completes the "ground" portion of the survey using a helicopter. This survey also utilizes a visibility correction factor. For the most part, ducks that only winter in California comprise most of the harvest, but CDFW augments the continental survey assessment with the estimates of California's breeding population for developing hunting regulation recommendations.

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Link Waterfowl Population Assessment homepage page detailing the population assessment of CDFWs 14 views
Link Delta Island Hunting Program W, in an effort to promote and expand hunting oppo 11 views
Link Wildlife Branch - Game Management tact for CDFW's wildlife branch 1812 9th Street, 12 views
Link Dan Skalos and Melanie Weaver logists responsible for the California Waterfowl B 8 views
Data The Midwest Avian Data Center (MWADC) Midwest Avian Data Center (MWADC) is a product of 13 views
Report 2019 California Waterfowl Breeding Population Survey Report ort detailing the methodology and results of the w 6 views

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