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Groundwater Monitoring

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The SJRRP has installed 211 groundwater monitoring wells with 48 locations measuring groundwater temperature. Most monitoring wells are manually measured weekly and results from fourteen key monitoring wells are available online. Groundwater levels in many of these wells will be measured electronically at a high frequency (hourly) and manual measurements will be made periodically to assure the quality of data recorded by the instruments. Generally weekly/monthly manual groundwater level measurements will be made, with more frequent weekly measurements made in priority wells. Several key wells will be telemetered, transmitted real-time to a central database, and posted on CDEC, with links from the SJRRP website (

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Link Groundwater Monitoring (SJRRP) undwater data help the SJRRP determine allowable f 5 views
Link Seepage Management Plan (SMP) 2014 s Seepage Management Plan (SMP) for the San Joaqui 11 views
Link SMP: Appendix E Monitoring Network s appendix describes a monitoring plan for measuri 11 views

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