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Water Quality Data for California

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The USGS collects and analyzes chemical, physical, and biological properties of water, sediment and tissue samples from across the Nation. The Water Data for the Nation discrete sample data base is a compilation of over 4.4 million historical water quality analyses in the USGS district data bases through September 2005. The discrete sample data is a large and complex set of data that has been collected by a variety of projects ranging from national programs to studies in small watersheds.

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Products & output

Type Title Description Impact
Data Map of USGS Water Quality monitoring stations S provides an interactive map of all of its water 5 views
Data USGS Water Quality Data for California cking "Current Conditions" will provide users with 15 views
Link Paul Work l Work, Ph.D., P.E., D.CE Program Chief, Estuarine 6 views
Link Techniques and Methods Publications Portal (USGS) s webpage links users to all of the "Techniques an 7 views
Link Design, Analysis, and Interpretation of Field Quality Control Data for Water-Sampling Projects SGS Techniques and Methods report (4-C4) on the pr 10 views
Link National Field Manual for the Collection of Water-Quality Data s USGS Techniques and Methods (Techniques and Meth 15 views

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