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Municipal Water Quality Investigation Program (MWQI)

Description / purpose

DWR's municipal water quality monitoring program studies the effect the Delta has on quality, treatability, and reliability of source waters for municipal use. Discrete water quality samples are collected monthly and biweekly throughout the Delta. The Real Time Data and Forecasting-Comprehensive Program (RTDF-CP) collects continuous data at 5 key locations in the Delta, State Water Project and Central Valley Project, coalesces the data into graphs, and provides model-based water quality forecasts. Together, these resources are essential tools for drinking water purveyors in efficiently managing water treatment operations. MWQI monitoring data are used in drinking water supply studies, to identify long-term trends in drinking water quality, and to help DWR and other agencies research and mitigate drinking water issues in Delta waters and the SWP. Additionally, in collaboration with the BDO, O&M EAB, and OCO, monitoring data are used to further develop the "early warning" system that provides advance notice to Delta water users of possible drinking water quality problems. Monitoring data are collected by two different monitoring strategies; 1) discrete grab samples, and 2) continuous real-time monitoring via remotely located instrumentation. Municipal water quality monitoring parameters include: Organic carbon, Anions, Cations, Salinity, Nutrients, Chlorophyll, Metals, and Total dissolved solids

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Products & output

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Data Real Time Data and Forecasting (RTDF) project data a collected by 46 sensors at the 5 MWQI stations ( 14 views
Link DWR's Water Quality Monitoring & Assessment engages in Water Quality Monitoring and Assessmen 11 views
Link Municipal Water Quality Investigations Program Work Plan: Jan – Dec 2017 ument outlines the mission and history of the MWQI 11 views
Report DWR Annual Report of the Municipal Water Quality Investigations Program (MWQI) 1990 0 annual report on the MWQI program. 10 views
Link Mark Bettencourt The "Submit comments o 14 views
Link Joe Christen om SWRCB report on monitoring projects) Joe Christ 10 views

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