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Invasive Species Program

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The mission of the Invasive Species Program is to reduce the negative effects of non-native invasive species on the wildlands and waterways of California. We are involved in efforts to prevent the introduction of these species into the state, detect and respond to introductions when they occur, and prevent the spread of invasive species that have become established. The Quagga/Zebra program particularly relies heavily on water quality data, as the species will not establish in waters with low calcium. Therefore they rely substantially on water quality data collected and housed by others (primarily DWR). A large part of their effort is in training other state or private recreational agencies to recognize and report the species, and therefore also reported by others.

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Products & output

Type Title Description Impact
Link CDFW Invasive Species Program 6 Ninth Street, 12th Floor Sacramento CA 95814 inv 8 views
Link Citizen Science Quagga/Zebra Mussel Survey and Datasheet s document is a 1-page instructions for what and w 14 views
Link Quagga and Zebra Mussel Fact Sheet s is a Fact Sheet released by CDFW describing the 15 views
Link Catherine Mandella W Quagga/Zebra Mussel Project Regional Scientist C 11 views
Report California Aquatic Invasive Species Management Plan s plan proposes management actions for addressing 7 views
Data USGS Non Indigenous Aquatic Species Database S maintains a national database on known occurrenc 11 views

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