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Bioaccumulation Monitoring Program

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The Bioaccumulation Oversight Group (BOG) is a subcommittee of the SWAMP Roundtable that provides oversight of SWAMP's statewide bioaccumulation monitoring program. The BOG is also a workgroup of the California Water Quality Monitoring Council, and in this role manages the Safe to Eat Portal and is a forum for coordination of bioaccumulation monitoring in California. The mission of the BOG is to assess the impacts of contaminants in fish and shellfish on beneficial uses in California water bodies through statewide monitoring under SWAMP and perform syntheses of information from other studies, and to develop an internet portal that presents this information to decision-makers and the public in a form that they can easily use. See the Workgroup Charter for more information.

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Products & output

Type Title Description Impact
Report SWAMP - Bioaccumulation Monitoring Program Quality Assurance Plan s Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP) document d 8 views
Link SWAMP - Bioaccumulation Monitoring Program Final Monitoring Plan s document presents a plan for sampling and analys 12 views
Link Jennifer Salisbury tact for Tissue Composite Data and Tissue Analysis 10 views

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