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Water Quality in the Nation's Stream and Rivers

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In 1991, Congress established the National Water-Quality Assessment (NAWQA) Project to address where, when, why, and how the Nation's water quality has changed, or is likely to change in the future, in response to human activities and natural factors. A prominent feature of NAWQA is the development of long-term consistent and comparable information on streams, rivers, ground water, and aquatic systems. The NAWQA Project is designed to answer these questions: 1. What is the current condition of our Nation's streams, rivers, and groundwater? 2. How are these conditions changing over time? 3. How do natural features and human activities affect these conditions, and where are those effects most pronounced? Under the National Water-Quality Assessment (NAWQA) project, there are several surface water and ecology studies, including the Regional Stream Quality Assessment (RQSA) (a baseline assessment of streams), and current conditions and long-term trends monitoring.

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Link Gary L Rowe, Jr. y L Rowe, Jr., PhD EarthMAP Program Manager Water 15 views
Link National Water Quality Assessment Program (NAWQA) Webpage 1991, Congress established the National Water-Qual 15 views
Link Regional Stream Quality Assessment (RSQA) Webpage Regional Stream Quality Assessment (RSQA) is a pa 10 views
Data Regional Stream Quality Assessment (RSQA) Online Mapping Tool rs can access an online mapping tool to compare wa 10 views
Data Regional Stream Quality Assessment (RSQA) Data Downloader a can be downloaded for hundreds of chemical compo 12 views
Link Regional Stream Quality Assessment (RSQA) California Factsheet rief overview of the RSQA for the California regio 6 views
Link Pete Van Metre e Van Metre, RSQA Project Chief (512) 927-3566 pcv 6 views
Link Amanda L. Egler nda L. Egler (916) 278-3210 5 views
Link Water Quality in the Nation's Streams and Rivers - main webpage Nation's rivers and streams are a priceless resou 13 views
Data NAWQA: Online water-quality tracking tool online water-quality tracking tool shows graphs of 13 views
Link Partners contributing water quality data many partners contributing to the long-term water 6 views
Data NAWQA: Water-Quality Changes in the Nation's Streams and Rivers - Trends Mapping Tool s mapper provides results from the largest-ever as 5 views

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