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Well Completion Monitoring

Description / purpose

California Water Code Section 13751 requires that anyone who constructs, alters, or destroys a water well, cathodic protection well, groundwater monitoring well, or geothermal heat exchange well must file with the Department of Water Resources a report of completion within 60 days of the completion of the work. Drillers submit their well completion reports with the Online System of Well Completion Reports (OSWCR). OSWCR users create an account based on their C-57 license that DWR will validate. Upon approval users will be able to submit Well Completion Reports.

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Products & output

Type Title Description Impact
Report California Department of Water Resources te agency accepts and makes available well complet 13 views
Link Online System for Well Completion Reports (OSWCR) portal for the submission of well completion repo 15 views
Data Well Completion Reports Repository a repository (California Open Data Portal) in whic 11 views

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