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Water Conservation and Production Reports

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Since June 2014, the State Water Board has been tracking water conservation for each of the state's 409 larger urban water suppliers (those with more than 3,000 connections) on a monthly basis with a goal of documenting the reduction in water use. Water "production" is defined as urban water deliveries to customers. Conservation is calculated over time by reduced deliveries. The program has not been mandatory since 2017. However, many of the urban suppliers have continued to report on a voluntary basis. There is an effort to consolidate and streamline reporting under AB 1668 and SB 606 that will likely replace this system of reporting.

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Data California Open Data Portal er Conservation and Production information is on t 15 views
Link Water Conservation Portal Contacts servation Regulations and Reporting: Charlotte Ely 6 views
Link Equation for calculating R-GPCD in Monthly Urban Water Supply Reports tructions for performing the Residential Gallons P 13 views
Link Methodologies for Calculating Baseline and Compliance Urban Per Capita Water Use 010 DWR report that outlines the procedures for pe 5 views
Data Drinking Water - Public Water System Operations Monthly Water Production and Conservation Info ks users to the machine-readable monthly water pro 14 views
Link Urban Water Supplier Monthly Monitoring Report Guidance s guidance document provides potential water use i 7 views
Link Urban Water Supplier Reporting Tool reporting tool accepts your monthly Urban Water S 13 views

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