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California Recreational Fisheries Survey (CRFS)

Description / purpose

The California Recreational Fisheries Survey (CRFS) mission is to collect fishery-dependent data on California’s marine recreational fisheries, and to accurately estimate catch and effort in a time frame and on a scale that meets management needs. CRFS collects the data necessary to estimate catch and effort for California’s diverse recreational finfish fisheries which range from the California-Mexico border to the California-Oregon border extending over 1,100 miles of coast, and is surveyed at over 400 sampling sites. Annually, CRFS conducts over 7,000 sampling assignments and contacts over 68,000 fishing parties. High sampling rates produce confidence in estimates with a 20 percent sample rate of private boat anglers during salmon or groundfish seasons. CRFS collects the data to produce the estimates for all sport-caught finfish.

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Products & output

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Link California Recreational Fisheries Survey (CRFS) Website ks to main website for the program. The website co 15 views
Link Sampler Manual 2019 tocol manual for field surveyors (samplers) to col 6 views
Link California Recreational Fisheries Survey Methods s document provides a general overview of CRFS and 10 views
Link CRFS Data ks to CRFS data 6 views
Data RecFIN Data Repository FIN, the Recreational Fisheries Information Networ 10 views
Report CRFS Brochure vides a high-level overview of the program 12 views

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