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Lower Sacramento River Green Sturgeon Telemetry Monitoring

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To better understand emigration, California Department of Fish and Wildlife is undertaking a collaborative effort with University of California Davis Biotelemetry Laboratory to capture and acoustically tag 100 green sturgeons and 100 white sturgeons per year for three years. CDFW staff conducted sampling by deploying and tending 33-m variable mesh gill nets anchored with 18-kg pyramid weights. Juvenile sturgeon are surgically implanted with Vemco® V9 69 kHz acoustic transmitters and released near the point of capture. An array of Vemco® acoustic receivers deployed throughout the SFBDE collect detection data for acoustically tagged juvenile sturgeons. To date, (January 2018) CDFW and UCD staff tagged 16 juvenile green sturgeon and 11 juvenile white sturgeon over 159 days of sampling effort.

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Link Cal Fish Lower Sacramento River Green Sturgeon Telemetry Monitoring Page site describing monitoring program 12 views
Link Marc Beccio c runs CDFW's Green Sturgeon telemetry monitoring 6 views

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