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Coleman and Livingston Stone Hatchery Releases

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The federal hatcheries mark and tag fish that are released into the river or bay using a combination of coded wire tags (CWT) and adipose fin clipping. The number of fish tagged and the identifiers are reported to the RMPC which is part of the RMIS. The Regional Mark Processing Center (RMPC) provides essential services to international, state, federal, and tribal fisheries organizations involved in marking anadromous salmonids throughout the Pacific region. These services include regional coordination of some tagging and fin marking programs, maintenance of databases for Coded Wire Tag Releases, Recoveries, and Locations, as well as the dissemination of reports of these data in electronic or printed form when requested. These databases are known collectively as the Regional Mark Information System (RMIS).”

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Link Regional Mark Information System Regional Mark Processing Center (RMPC) provides e 12 views
Link Kevin Offill h Biologist 6 views
Link Robert Null; Fisheries Scientist Null works in Red Bluff and is knowledgeable abou 8 views

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