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    Low-Cost Satellite Remote Sensing of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta to Enhance Mapping for Invasive and Native Aquatic Vegetation

    Lead University of California - Davis [UC Davis]
    Description Invasive aquatic vegetation (IAV) acts as an ecosystem engineer by changing habitat conditions and water quality. This negatively affects the survival of native species. Over the past 15 years, IAV has more than doubled its footprint in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta waterways. The State of California spends millions of dollars each year to control IAV in the Delta-Suisun region and costs are likely to continue to rise. Gaining a better understanding of the spread, life history characteristics, and potential vulnerabilities of these species can lead to more effective control strategies. The recent launch of the Sentinel-2 satellite can fill temporal gaps left by annual airborne surveys. This study will create a data pipeline for sustained, low-cost satellite-based monitoring of aquatic and marsh vegetation year-round. To quantify one of the Delta Plan performance measures, the time and degree of floodplain inundation for the Yolo Bypass will be measured. This study will result in new metrics to measure progress toward habitat goals in several restoration sites.
    Science topics Invasive / non native species, Aquatic vegetation
    Updated April 29, 2022
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    Matt's test activity

    Lead California Department of Fish and Wildlife [CDFW]
    Description This is matt testing his activity
    Science topics None specified
    Updated April 29, 2022