Organization #49752

University of California - Merced [UC Merced]


Together, we will uphold UC Merced's mission to excel in research, teaching and service, while demonstrating the concern and care for one another that have been the hallmarks of our campus.

Science activities led

#49806 Simulating methylmercury production and transport at the sediment-water interface to improve the water quality in the Delta →
#49870 Integrated Science and Management of Nutrient, Salt, and Mercury Export from San Joaquin River Wetland Tributaries to the Delta →

Science activities contributed to

#49790 Landscape Visioning Pilot Application for Staten Island →
#49858 Low-Cost Satellite Remote Sensing of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta to Enhance Mapping for Invasive and Native Aquatic Vegetation →

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April 29, 2022