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Science activity #49832, updated 29 April 2022

Predicting the Effects of Invasive Hydrozoa [Jellyfish] on Pelagic Organisms Under Changing Salinity and Temperature Regimes

Description / purpose

The purpose of this project seeks to investigate the potential effects of jellyfish, a devising invader of some ecosystems, on the SFE ecosystem, to determine the key factors allowing successful establishment and spread of these species, and to predict future effects and spread of the invasions.

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Activity status

  • Awarded / Initiating (2007)
  • In progress / Ongoing (2007 - 2011)
  • Complete

Funding summary

Total allocated funding: $430,870

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Contract # or labor code None
Implementing organization University of California - Davis [UC Davis]
Funding organization CALFED Bay-Delta Program
Funding Source Not provided
Date of award 2007
Date of fiscal year-end Not provided
Total award amount $430,870
State type of obligation Not provided
Federal type of obligation Not provided
Reimbursability Not provided
Procurement mechanism Not provided


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