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Impact of Temperature and Contaminants on Chinook Salmon Survival: A Multi-Stressor Approach

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The decline of native salmon species has resulted in their protection under the U.S. Endangered Species Act and the California Endangered Species Act. Disease and predation are primary drivers of mortality as salmon migrate. Multiple stressors, such as exposure to contaminants and elevated temperature, can impact rates of disease and predation of salmon as they migrate to the ocean. This study examines how contaminant exposures at different temperatures affects salmon health. Specifically, the study investigates the sensitivity of salmon to a contaminant mixture of bifenthrin (a pyrethoid pesticide) and triclosan (an antibacterial added to personal care products). Both contaminants can alter fish swimming behavior and critical physiological functions. Similarly, temperature stress can impact fish physiology and behavior, as well as exacerbate the adverse effects of contaminants.

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Total allocated funding: $478,048

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Contract # or labor code 18214
Implementing organization National Marine Fisheries Service [NMFS]
Funding organization U.S. Bureau of Reclamation [USBR]
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Date of award 2019-06-30
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