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Science activity #49881, updated 29 April 2022

Pesticide risk analyses and management actions, chemical fate and transport

Description / purpose

This project work will model the risk of pesticide pollution in 225 sub-catchments of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Bay-Delta. The model will account for water management practices, land use, pesticide use rates, and cumulative pesticide stress. Additionally, this work will produce a web-based tool to simulate current and future risks based on the ranking of primary sources of pesticide contribution. This work will provide a framework to predict risk from chemical stressors. Specific objectives are: (1) enhanced pro-active chemical risk assessment, (2) creation of a tool which enables science-based chemical use decisions, (3) improved risk screening for vulnerable areas, and (4) identification of adverse effects of current and future chemical use strategies.

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Activity status

  • Awarded / Initiating (2020)
  • In progress / Ongoing (2020 - 2022)
  • Complete

Funding summary

Total allocated funding: $118,511

Label Value
Contract # or labor code 19054
Implementing organization University of California - Santa Barbara [UCSB]
Funding organization Delta Stewardship Council
Funding Source Delta Stewardship Council - General Fund
Date of award 2020-05-01
Date of fiscal year-end Not provided
Total award amount $118,511
State type of obligation Not provided
Federal type of obligation Not provided
Reimbursability Not provided
Procurement mechanism Contracted competitive or direct award


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